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Welcome to the Girls Just Want To Have Fun Audition Page!

The Details

Our band has been together for 7 years and we have an excellent reputation in the community for being a fun interactive band for all audience ages.   We try very hard to stick to only female fronted 80’s music but we do mix in a few ‘guy’ songs from those bands like Journey who hit some high notes in thier hay day.   Our band motto is “no drama” and we have been pretty good about sticking to it.  We all get along well and genuinly like each other.

The role of the lead singer is not only to provide awesome vocals but to also dress the part of an 80’s rock star and interact with the audience both on and off the stage.  We provide blow up intruments for people to play with and we bring people on stage to celebrate bachelorettes, birthdays etc.  The current lead singer sometimes sings from the audience, makes rounds in the room with high-fives, gets people to sing a line or 2 and overall has fun with them.

The purpose of this page is for us to be able to evaluate your singing to recordings of our songs and get to know you a bit more.   The lead vocal volume has been turned way down on these recordings as to not be distracting.   The backup vocals in some cases sound ‘off’ without a lead singer there to provide support but it should sound fine once your lead vocals are added back in.   These recordings are from live shows, not studio recordings.

Please sing along to 3 or more of the songs below and email your results to or you can email a dropbox or google drive link if that is easier.
Note the Girls Just Want To Have Fun song is required as its our ‘signature’ song.

We want to get to know you a bit more

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Alternate Link to MP3:  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 

Alternate Link to MP3:  Don’t Stop Believing 

Our Lips are Sealed

by The Go Go's | **Dual vocal with Kat (Drummer)**

Alternate Link to MP3:  Our Lips are Sealed

Alternate Link to MP3: Like a Virgin

Alternate Link to MP3: Edge of 17


Alternate Link to MP3:  Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The Look

by Roxette | ** Kat (Drummer) sings the 'guy' lead **

Alternate Link to MP3:  The Look

Alternate Link to MP3: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Alternate Link to MP3: Barracuda

Alternate Link to MP3: Mickey